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Straight talk about your home’s current health from Brian Mattioli, Owner and licensed Home Inspector ~ Habitat Home Inspections Services Blaine Washington.

Buying a house is far more costly than simply a down payment and monthly mortgage payment. Owning a piece of real estate can come with its share of extra bills, particularly when considering unexpected home repairs. In fact, in 2020, the average household spent $13,138 on home repairs.

Here is another fact. As drivers, many of us accept and commit to an oil change every 3-6 months. We value a car maintenance record when looking to purchase a used car; however, most of us default to the most costly scenario when it comes to home inspection, home repair, and maintenance; we tend overwhelmingly to repair or replace upon failure of the system. 

In a hot Real Estate market, it can become common for the buyer to wave a home inspection to avoid losing the opportunity. HOWEVER, with the average reported home price in April 2021 for Blaine Washington up 32.2% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $575K, many new home buyers are not ready to recover from unforeseen issues.

What can you learn from a home inspection?
Habitat Home Inspection Services Whatcom County

Home inspection reports will never indicate whether a property passes or fails because everything depends on a buyer’s tolerance level: What’s acceptable for one buyer could cause another to walk away. A home inspection can only tell you about the functioning portions of the house, not whether you should buy it.

Here are just a few items a Home Inspector will review for you:

The Homes Foundation: Foundation damage is also a common home repair needed after the home inspection and can cost north of $10,000.

Electrical Issues: Average cost of electrical repairs: $141 to $419 for minor repairs; $2,000 to $6,000 for complete electrical wiring

Roof: Average cost of roof repairs: $300 to $2,000 for partial repairs; $5,397 to $11,035 for a full roof replacement

Repair Pipes or Install New Pipes: Average cost to repair pipes: anywhere from $300 for a leak repair to $2,500 for a sewer line repair.

As a homeowner himself, a Home Inspector by choice, and a family man Brian Mattioli understands the importance of a solid home inspection for peace of mind and investment protection. A home inspection is an inexpensive way to discover the universal condition of a home

Get to know Brian Mattioli and Habitat Home Inspections

Brian Mattiolo continues to provide highly detailed home inspection services for Blaine Washington and Whatcom county to ensure consumers have a way to obtain an unbiased report of the current condition of a home when considering a purchase. As a family man, father, and self-employed person, Brian understands that hidden costs could become crippling to the average family. Brian has dedicated his career to informing the consumer. In a Real Estate transaction, the Home Inspector is the only person tasked with an unbiased assessment of the home’s current condition.

 Brian’s home improvement expertise started over 20 years ago and includes working in several areas of real estate: construction, renovation, and property management, all of which help him inspect with a more in-depth understanding. Brian dedicates himself to his craft as a Washington State Licensed Home Inspector, bringing the added education of a WSDA Structural Pest Inspector, Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer Sewer Scope Certified to every job.

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Count on Brian for an unbiased, high-quality, comprehensive home inspection report on the condition of the home. Brian is top-rated for his customer service and easy-to-follow home inspection reports.

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